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Our Partners:

Professional athletes, golf coaches, and
industry experts that practice with SWEE


Runs golf coverage for Barstool Sports and hosts Fore Play, #1 golf podcast in the world, known to interview and film the biggest stars in golf, including Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Collin Morikawa, and Justin Thomas



European Tour winner in 2008 and reached #57 in the official world golf rankings



Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers in America and named Teacher of the Year by the New Jersey Professional Golfer’s Association



NFL wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans, five-time Pro Bowler, and selected to five All-Pro teams



Teaching Professor, Founder, and Director of Penn State’s Golf Teaching & Research Center (GTRC)



New Zealand Golf Team member, world-ranked amateur, and competed for the 2023 Eisenhower Trophy, the biennial World Amateur Team Championship organized by the International Golf Federation



Multi-titled New Zealand Long Drive Champion
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Transform your golf game

Practice with SWEE to improve your swing, achieve consistency, and have fun on the golf course.
Step 01

Record practice sessions

using your mobile device. With automated swing detection and video trimming from both Down-Plane and Face-On angles, recording has never been simpler. Every swing during your session is clipped and cataloged into your library for analysis.
step 01
Record practice sessions
Step 02

Analyze your swings

to obtain over 50 analysis metrics spanning your Setup to Follow Through. Visually compare your swings to model golfers and watch short coaching videos selected for you based on your performance.
step 02
Step 03

Receive personalized practice plans

that prioritize the most relevant adjustments for your swing. Your AI coach tailors guidance specifically to your game, delivering it in small, manageable pieces that are easy to digest and apply.
Receive personalized practice plans
step 03
Step 04

Learn through
short videos

from your AI coach, served up to you based on your swing. While the internet offers a wealth of knowledge, the challenge is finding what's truly relevant. Your AI coach filters and distills this information, ensuring that what you receive is both pertinent and practical for your development.
Learn through short videos
step 04
Step 05

Track your swing
and progress

with state-of-the-art data visualization tools. SWEE stores, tracks, and displays your data for every swing you analyze, helping you understand your tendencies and improvements over time.
Track your swing 
trends and progress
step 05
Auto Swing Detection
and Video Clipping
Auto Swing Detection and Video Clipping
Recording swings at the range has never been simpler
AI Analysis
AI Analysis
Analyze your swings anytime, anywhere
Practice Plans
Practice Plans
AI-generated practice plans that prioritize the most relevant adjustments for your swing
Coaching Corner
Coaching Corner
Short instructional videos served up to you based on your swing
Swing data is stored and displayed to reveal your tendencies and understand your progress
SWEE Index
SWEE Index
Analyzed swings are scored and averaged to track the quality of your swing over time
AI Coach

Mal Tongue

I became a coach because, as a kid, I lacked true guidance in my golf journey. I know firsthand how frustration can stifle growth and kill passion. Empowering others through coaching has become my mission. Golf coaching is an art, a science, and a privilege. To me, the privilege lies not with the golfer, but with the coach. The opportunity to guide you towards improving your game is special, and it is this philosophy that underpins my approach to coaching.

The initial aim of this project was to dismantle the traditional barriers associated with golf coaching. The goal is to create a learning environment that transcends these barriers, providing access to high-quality coaching for everyone, everywhere at an affordable price.

Golf is deeply personal, and effective learning must respect and adapt to your unique needs and circumstances. We have developed a system that creates a personalized pathway for you, ensuring you receive the most relevant guidance for your game, with an emphasis on achieving excellence in simple tasks.

I consider myself as much a researcher as a coach. The insights provided are not just a single coach’s opinion. I have conducted extensive research, examining the ideas and methodologies of prominent figures in the golf world. This dual focus allows me to blend empirical research with practical coaching techniques. The result is a rich, evidence-based coaching framework that is continually refined and updated. Even the best golfers often adopt unorthodox methods. Recognizing that greatness can come in many forms, we celebrate the unique styles and functional approaches of top players, providing you with the flexibility to explore and develop your own path.
Mal’s achievements & awards
Recognized by Golf Digest as one of the most influential coaches outside of America and 2x winner of the New Zealand Coach of the Year, awarded to the top coach across all sports in the county
Coached Michael Campbell from a rising amateur in 1989 to eventual winner of the US Open at Pinehurst in 2005 and 3rd place finisher at The Open Championship at St. Andrews in 1995
Served as the New Zealand National Coach from 1994 to 2004 and Wellington Provincial Coach from 1989 to 2002, transforming Wellington into the most successful province in amateur golf
Coached golfers to world #1 amateur status, securing numerous professional and amateur titles worldwide
AI Coach advisor

Gav Hamlyn

At the heart of everything we do is you. You are our absolute priority, and all our efforts are dedicated to enhancing your experience and helping you achieve your goals. Every decision, every piece of information, and every innovation is driven by the desire to provide the best possible support and guidance to you.

Our coaching philosophy embraces a holistic approach, recognizing that success in golf is influenced by physical, mental, and emotional factors. By addressing all aspects of your development, we provide comprehensive support that fosters balanced and sustained improvement. We are committed to continuous advancement, both in our own methods and in the tools and resources we provide. This dedication to growth ensures that our coaching remains at the cutting edge, always offering the most effective strategies and insights.

Transparency and honesty are fundamental to our coaching philosophy. We believe in providing clear, straightforward feedback and communicating openly with you. This builds trust and ensures that you always know where you stand and what steps you need to take next.

Golf, like life, is full of unexpected challenges. Being adaptable and flexible in our coaching approach allows us to respond effectively to your unique situation and evolving needs. This adaptability ensures that coaching remains relevant and impactful, no matter what changes or challenges arise.
Gav’s achievements & awards
Joined the Professional Golfers' Association (PGA) in 1994, bringing over 30 years of experience and expertise in the golf industry
Earned a Masters Degree in Psychology, gaining insights into learning, training methods, and athlete development
Served as General Manager at both the Lee Westwood Golf School and Darren Clarke Golf School, managing a team of 18 professional golf instructors and developing over 100 young golfers per year during his tenure
University lecturer of sports psychology, combining theory with practical techniques to educate students on the use of psychology in sports
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