About SWEE

SWEE is dedicated to revolutionizing the golfing experience with cutting-edge AI technology, both during practice sessions and on the golf course. Our AI Coach empowers golfers of all levels to tap into their full potential, offering personalized swing instruction anytime, anywhere, directly from their mobile phones at an affordable price.

In addition to our AI Coach, we offer golf courses smart tee box cameras that capture in-game golf swings and stream them to our mobile app platform, providing golfers with a seamless way to record their shots. This not only enhances the golfing experience for players but also offers golf courses and coaches additional tools to engage and delight their clientele.

Our ultimate aim is to connect with golf enthusiasts worldwide as they hone their skills and enjoy the game.
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Core Philosophy

Our primary goal is to empower you to take control of your own destiny. By equipping you with the right tools and knowledge, you can navigate your own path to success.
Light Bulb Moments
The most rewarding aspect of coaching is witnessing those moments when everything clicks for you—the light bulb moments. These instances of clarity and understanding are what make the coaching journey worthwhile.
Individual Pathways
There is no single correct way to play golf. Our aim is to help you find your best way. We draw inspiration from Ben Hogan’s philosophy: “Nothing divided by nothing equals nothing!” This highlights the importance of finding value and substance in your unique approach.
Swing Philosophy
Balance and Consistency: A balanced body leads to a balanced club, which is key to achieving greater consistency in your swing. Balance is foundational to control and precision.
Personalization in Technique
Just as there is no single correct way to learn, there is no single correct way to swing. Our goal is to help you discover and develop the technique that works best for you, tailored to your strengths and preferences.
In essence, this project is about blending traditional wisdom with modern innovation, all while keeping your journey at the forefront. By focusing on empowerment, empathy, and personalized pathways, we strive to provide a coaching experience that is both transformational and enduring. Your success is our success, and together, we will unlock the potential that lies within you.